Were You Injured in an Electric Scooter Accident?

There is an explosion of electric scooters on the streets of major cities across Southern California. Coming under brand names like Bird, Lime, Jump, and Spin, these 2 or 3 wheeled individual vehicles are intended to help people quickly navigate densely populated areas without the need for a car or taxi.

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But, as the number of scooters on city streets spikes, so can the number of injuries. There is little to no training or instruction included with riding one of these on-demand scooters, putting inexperienced riders on fast moving vehicles that traverse the same areas as pedestrians. Electric scooter accidents include:

  • Collisions with pedestrians or other scooters
  • Collisions with motor vehicles
  • Falls from scooters

Should you get into an electric scooter accident:

Our team is equipped to both understand the risk and potential danger of these electric scooters and provide expert representation in any injury case or lawsuit. Being represented by Pirian Law means you’ll:

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  • Have access to a law team that understand the serious complications of an electric scooter accident
  • Work with a team that knows the ins and outs of this complicated new accident type
  • Have a team that will explain your rights to you and will protect those right for you
  • Have the knowledge to keep insurance companies from trying to lessen their financial obligation
  • Work with a team that will aggressively seek out compensation for your accident, including lost wages and damaged property


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